radiz Summer School (2013-2019)

radiz- Rare Disease Initiative Zurich, was a Clinical Research Priority Program (CRPP) of the University of Zurich which run from 2012 to 2018. Through its interdisciplinary and translational research projects, novel treatments, biomarkers, and therapeutic targets were discovered for various rare diseases, with some insights already translated into clinical practice, directly benefitting patients.

The Rare Diseases Summer School has been initiated and established in radiz with the main goal of motivating bright young people to work in the field of rare diseases and to make them aware of the many opportunities, but also the challenges, by getting them thinking “outside the box” of their own field of research or background. The radiz Rare Diseases Summer School gained international standing and its network of alumni contribute to the renown of Zurich as a hub of rare disease research.

In ITINERARE, the Rare Diseases Summer School will expand on the long tradition built in radiz by bringing new insights and integrating ELSI considerations in the program.